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The Different Functions of Strategic Human Resource Management Free Essay Example, 1250 words

Moreover, strategic HRM benefits the organization as it contributes to the accomplishment of goal, supports and allows implementing of business strategies, creates and maintains a competitive advantage and improves innovation potential of the organization. In addition, SHRM enhances the number of real strategic options within the organization. The Society for Human Resource Management (20008) recognizes SHRM in its the impact on the strategic direction of the organization and that it improves cooperation between numerous line managers and the HRM department (HR’s Evolving Role in Organizations and Its Impact on Business Strategy, 2008). The main functions of HR, the recruitment, training and development of employees, support the organization’s business strategy through human capital and ensure the organization in building, developing and maintaining its workforce. Addressing critical business issues through Strategic Human Resource Management The most critical human resource issues are connected with the decision making (Walsh, Sturman & Longstreet, 2010). There are a number of such challenges that make HR strategic implementation difficult. They are connected with the specific characteristics that differ HR from other resources in the organization. This is the human performance, which is difficult to predict, therefore it is up to the HRM to lead specific improvement in order to make the positive impact on organizational ending results (Millmore, 2007). We will write a custom essay sample on The Different Functions of Strategic Human Resource Management or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now According to Millmore (2007), strategic HRM is concerned with an organizations human capital, which is its experience, skills and abilities. In addition, only HR policies and practices serve the development of human capital within certain organization. However, here the main challenge is in ability to select the appropriate cost-efficient approach that would assist employees in their ability to perform better. The challenge is also in the ability of HR decision makers to transform human capital into such capabilities that would be the most valuable, unique and difficult to imitate by others, which will represent the competitive advantage of the particular organization (Salaman, Storey & Billsberry, 2006). The issue with HR policies and practices is usually a concern of how to select the appropriate set of rules and approaches for better accomplishment of organizational goals. These resources are also shaped by such conditions as intellectual and ski ll-based prowess of workforce that is utilized by the organization, creating a competitive advantage for it through exemplary set of employees’ attributes (Salaman, Storey & Billsberry, 2006).

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Why Authors Use Personification An Originator Or Creator...

Amanda Paone Professor Nutter English 310-001 19 February 2015 Why Authors Use Personification An author is an originator or creator of a work that is produced in order to express an idea or opinion. Writers have the ability to create characters in any way that seems fit to them and helps them best fulfill the roles needed to satisfy their vision of their work. Human nature drives authors to ascribe attributes and characteristics that they best see fit to objects, animals, and people in order to prove their point. Authors are able to manipulate characters in order to portray what they want them to. In order to show that this is true, four different stories will be discussed, each with the same character in it, a rabbit. The writers in†¦show more content†¦Peter is part of a rabbit family that lives next to a man with a garden, Mr. McGregor. Peter’s mother specifically warns her children to stay away from Mr. McGregor’s garden. One day, Peter decided to disobey his mother and run under the fence straight into the neighborâ €™s garden. The aspect of Peter’s character that is the most relatable and obvious to the reader is his rebellion. The popular children’s book series, Winnie-the-Pooh, was written by A. A. Milne. The books are based on different animal characters that have been personified. Each animal portrays distinct characteristics that define who they are. For example, a few of those animal characters are- Pooh, a friendly and loveable bear, Piglet, a shy and tenderhearted pig, Tigger, an enthusiastic and energetic tiger, and Rabbit, a organized and orderly rabbit. Overall, Rabbit is most often seen as the rule-following helper throughout the books. Alice s Adventures in Wonderland is a literary nonsense novel written in 1865 by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. Alice is by the riverbank when suddenly a rabbit talking and dressed in clothes swiftly runs by her. He goes into a hole and Alice follows him down into the hole and enters what seems like a new world. The rabbit led her into Wonderland. The White Rabbit reports to a queen in the book and he is seen as rushing to get to her so he would not be late. This makes him seem

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Nivea (1911) Free Essays

Nivea (1911) is a worldwide body-skin care well known brand. A German company named Beiersdorf, which is founded on 1882, owns it. Nivea is a Latin word (niveus/nivea/niveum), which means â€Å"Snow White† [1]. We will write a custom essay sample on Nivea (1911) or any similar topic only for you Order Now The most important aims of Beiersdorf is to have its products as close as possible to its consumers and understand them in its many different markets and satisfy them with skin-body beauty care advanced products [1]. In return, Beiersdorf is gaining the trust and appeal from its customers. Case synopsis: Beiersdorf is one of the companies that seeks continuous and regular market development. Market can be developed by finding the gap (need) in the market and trying to fill the gap by developing a new product (satisfying the need through market-oriented approach), or through product-oriented approach by creating good quality product and introduce it to the market. Beiersdorf market research have identified a market gap which led to NIVEA VISAGE young (product) introduction in 2005 to the market in order to fill the this gap (market-oriented approach). After developing a balanced and effective marketing mix the company re-introduced the NIVEA VISAGE young range in 2007 where the product had new formula, new design, new packaging, and new name. Statement of the problem: Beiersdorf market research have identified a market gap which led to NIVEA VISAGE young (product) introduction to the market in order to fill this gap (market-oriented approach) [2]. The company needed to develop a balanced and effective marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) in order to well suit the product, target market, and to meet its own objectives. Causes of the problem: Beiersdorf wanted to develop a balanced marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) specifically for further optimizing of the company position in the market. Each marketing mix variable have been addressed carefully to achieve the company goals and targets. Case analysis: Beiersdorf did a market research in order to understand the market and to build effective marketing mix by identifying the target market segments. The research plan was to gather information using different research approaches and instruments such as listening directly to the consumers through focus groups, and experimental product testing. Findings were impressive and led to significant changes into the product, product price, place, and promotions. Findings of the research regarding the product showed the company the way to satisfy a significant segment. The research showed that younger costumers (age group of 13 – 19 years old) desires more dedicated face care product that offers a ‘beautifying’ benefit, instead of a solution to skin problems [1]. Competitors available product at that time mostly concentrates on skin problems solution rather than normal face care products. Using experimental research approach, the final product improved and changes included: * The product made far more effective and consumer friendly * The formula used for some products has been changed and natural substances have been employed * New products introduced to the market * Attractive product pack design targeting young women group used * Larger pack size introduced with new product description. Each of these product improvements has its own purpose weather to attract the young women segment, Show the company commitment toward the environment, or strengthen the product range, to better meet the needs of the market. Pricing of the any new product has to provide value for money in the market and to be attractive for the targeted segment customers to buy. Several pricing strategies firms can use such as cost based pricing (the price cover the cost or include some profit), Penetration price (initial low price ), and price skimming ( premium price ‘first to buy’ customers). NIVEA VISAGE young re-introduced with a higher price than the previous edition of the product. However, this illustrated value for money were new natural formulation has been used, packaging and extended product range [2]. Nivea also took into consideration when pricing the product the targeted segment were young girls are targeted the product is bought by their mums. Which explains the reasonable and balanced pricing between the features the product offers, benefits of the product, and how much do is it cost. Nivea was the price leader effectively of this market segment were it sets the price level that competitors will follow or undercut by ensuring competitive price. Beiersdorf didn’t forget study regarding the place element of the marketing mix. Place often refers to distribution strategy, place where the product will be sold. One of the important aims of Beiersdorf is reaching to their targeted customers regardless of their locations. As a result, the company used different channels to reach their customers such as retail outlets where 65% of the product selling from the targeted customers occurs, and large grocery chains where the other 35% sales comes from [1]. Smaller retailers can be reached through a wholesalers and online selling of the product through a retailer where the costs of producing small orders will be high for the company. The promotion key of the marketing mix was so important to communicate with the targeted segment customer about the product availability and persuading them to buy the product [2]. Two main types of promotions are there, above-the-line (TV and newspaper advertisements) and below-the-line (events, Direct mails, PR, branding, and sales promotions). Nivea was a consumer-led in the NIVEA VISAGE young promotion where the strategy reflected the lifestyle of the targeted segment audiences and the range of the available media. Nivea used below-the-line strategy in their promotion campaign. The main part of the promotion was letting the customers to experience and test the products through distribution of the product samples. In addition, Interactive online magazine was launched and named FUN, YOUNG, INDEPENDENT (FYI) to give the targeted customers of the young girls the confidence to become young women act independently. Also, social networks haven’t been forgotten, where NIVEA VISAGE young pages were available on MySpace and Facebook to reach as much as possible targeted audiences. Alternative recommendations: Based on the research of the market carried out by the Beiersdorf, set of recommendations might be useful suggested: * Differentiate the product specifications and names according to the age group. 3 years old girls would love to have a product named on her favorite cartoon character, which will attract her to ask about the product or buy it. * Providing a completing set of tools with product or at least one tool such as a mirror as a promotion * Sending people to houses to introduce the product * Using above-the-line promotions such as TV and yellow pages ads. * Provide a seasonal product where in summer provide a product edition with a lime or mint fleshing smell. How to cite Nivea (1911), Papers

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WHY DID YOU DO IT HUCK Essays - Picaresque Novels, Huckleberry Finn

WHY DID YOU DO IT HUCK? A young boy by the name of Huck Finn fakes his death to escape imprisonment from his father. Huck has left his hometown in horror after his brutal death. The small Illinois town has been in search for the killers of this young boy too long to be happy with the death being a decoy. Throughout this detailed article, the USA Today is proud to give you, the reader, a detailed explanation of Huck's planning, executing, and ending to his fake death. The once imprisoned boy ends up running across the country. This whole event began one spring day while Huck is living with Widow Douglas. His drunk and abusive father, Pap, ends Huck's stay with the widow and kidnaps Huck. Pap then takes his ?civilized? son three miles up and across the river to a heavily woody area. In the woods is a cabin where nobody could find it. This is where Pap makes Huck his prisoner. Pap would lock the cabins only door and keep the key with him at all times. Pap would make Huck fish and hunt for their food. Then Pap would get valuables, lock up Huck, and then sell the goods in town for alcohol. Huck's clothes became torn and ragged after not receiving any new clothing from Pap. The only reason Pap wants to have Huck is so that he will gain custody of, and the money that is in his sons name. After a trip Pap made to town, which lasted three days, Huck searched the entire cabin over a hundred times for a way out of the cabin. Then before losing all hope Huck finds a small wood saw. Huck then used the saw on the bott om rear log of the cabin. But before Huck could finish, Pap returns from his trip. Huck's plan becomes uneasy when Pap says that he will probably move Huck to a more secluded spot along the river. Huck devises a new plan to ?walk off with the gun and some lines, and take to the woods when I run away. I guess I wouldn't stay in one place, but just tramp across the country, mostly night times, and hunt and fish to keep me alive, and so get so far away that the old man and the widow couldn't ever find me any more?(Chap.6). Huck plans on leaving that night, but falls into a deep sleep. The next day Huck plans on Pap getting drunk, allowing Huck to escape. Huck will escape when his father falls asleep, giving Huck time to steal the cabin key and run away without being noticed. But before this occurs, Huck once again falls asleep. Then suddenly, Huck wakes up to Pap screaming about snakes and attempting to kill ?The Angel of Death? ? Huck. ?He chased me round and round the place with a clasp knife, calling me the Angel of Death, and saying he would kill me?(Chap.6). Huck is now scared, so he grabs the gun and points it at Pap until Pap settles down. The next day when Huck is to go fish, he discovers an empty canoe. Huck hides the canoe, in hope to use it in his escape. ?I judged I'd hide her good, and then ?stead of taking the woods when I run off, I'd go down the river about fifty mile and camp in one place for good, and not have such a rough time on foot?(Chap.7). Huck now has a new plan so that ?nobody won't think of following me.? While Pap leaves on a trip to town, Huck finishes sawing the log in the back of the cabin, and succeeds. Huck gathers up all the supplies he will need on his trip. These supplies include: corn meal, bacon, the whiskey jug, coffee, sugar, the gun, ammunition, the wadding, a bucket and gourd, dipper and tin cup, the saw and two blankets, a skillet, fish lines, and matches. Huck fixes the log so that the cabin looks untouched. Before Huck leaves, he hunts one more time for some food. He finds some wild pigs and gets an idea. Huck takes the dead pig up to the cabin. This is where huck

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Wharton to Offer Free Online MBA Program Essays

Wharton to Offer Free Online MBA Program Essays Wharton to Offer Free Online MBA Program Paper Wharton to Offer Free Online MBA Program Paper Free online MBA program is something that you can only imagine to find these days given that the programs are really expensive. Wharton Business School decided to offer bigger piece of its studies fully online and for free. If you were waiting for such opportunity now it’s your chance to grab it while you can. This would make Wharton the first business school that offers online program completely for free. The only thing you need here is time and you’ll get part of the same education that MBA students are getting today. The difference here is that you are not required to pay anything. Wharton already has its own Coursera platform that offers 5 electives. From now on, you can search for its brand new Foundation platform that is designed from few courses. These courses are from the field in operations management, corporate marketing, financial accounting, and marketing. This free online MBA program will be presented and taught by Wharton’s senior professors. All courses will be served to you through recorded lectures and will give you couple of exercises during the process. The length of the courses is ranging between 6 and 10 weeks and you will need 8 hours during the week for each one of them. Operation management already started yesterday (September 30th) and the interval between courses is 2 weeks. According to the managing director of Wharton, Don Huesman, all students who will enroll to this free online MBA program will gain great knowledge. They will learn the basics and the courses are only a replication of what the first year students learn in paid MBA courses. The students who are paying to get online MBA program education need to complete 9 courses. Four of these courses are now available online for free and six other electives. Students interested to enroll to this program can follow the course without any additional requirements and work. However, for those who are more committed into getting the proper education, there are many homework, readings, quizzes, etc. If you need a certification that you have completed the course, this free online MBA program offers you verifiable certificate for completing it. You need to pay $49 in order to enroll the â€Å"signature track† and you’ll get the proper verification at the end. According to Huesman, this free online MBA program can be used by many students to see what kinds of lessons are included into the real program. This could represent a test for them in order to see if this program is what they have been searching for and is Wharton the best school for getting wider education. You must be wondering why Wharton is doing this. The answer could be simple, because they tend to show their real face to many professionals why they need to pick Wharton. Through this education given for free, the students can see if Wharton is the right pick or not. Wharton already has a long history of successful students who took their online MBA programs. There are many great and successful degree programs which are more expensive and require more time and commitment. Thousands of professionals have enrolled Wharton’s online MBA program and many more will get these new and free offer. You won’t get all business skills from this free online MBA program, but you’ll get the chance to see what you can expect when you enroll to their full-time online MBA courses.

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Incorporate These 15 Practices into Your Life to Find Success

Incorporate These 15 Practices into Your Life to Find Success We all have a tendency to stay close within our comfort zones. But what if the biggest growth potential and rewards are just beyond that zone? Or even way beyond it? Here are 15 ways to question your idea of what is normal, and how to expand both that concept and your comfort zone, and make a major difference in the course of your life.1. Question everythingTake nothing for granted. Be like the toddler always asking why. Keep searching for answers and examine norms from every angle. You never know what you might find.2. Be painfully honestBeing the most honest you have ever been is incredibly uncomfortable. It feels alien to tell 100% of the truth. If you’re burning to say something (good or bad) to someone in your life, you’ll never know the value that could be reached by saying it until you try. Start with a letter if the idea of a conversation freaks you out.3. MeditateEspecially when you’re busy, carving out time to sit and do nothing except breathing can mak e you feel insane. But the benefits far outweigh the perceived (negligible) costs. Sometimes, by stopping, you’ll greatly enhance your ability to keep going.4. Learn to be an early riserIt might sound awful, or you might not be a â€Å"morning person,† but imagine what you could get done if you got up extremely early, say 5am, when everyone else is asleep and you have the world to yourself. Begin your day in productive silence.5. Create thingsEveryone fancies themselves a creative person, but it’s so easy to choose Netflix and wine instead of a creative project when we come home from a long day. Persist and find yourself a creative outlet, then nurture it with diligence!6. Save your moneyStart keeping track of every penny you spend. Do this for a few months. Try paying for everything in cash, which will really drive home how much you’re spending. Once you cut the excess, you’ll be shocked at what you can save.7.  Give back to those in needVolunte ering can make you feel less self-centered, less hopeless, and like you’re part of something bigger. Don’t underestimate the value of community outreach.8. Maintain your fitnessKeep track of what you eat and what exercise you do. It may seem annoying and time-consuming, but it’s a great way to see the good vs. harm you’re doing to your body so you can make changes accordingly.9. Eat wellNutritious food helps you perform better. Limit your diet to food that has actual nutrition: lots of organic vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, etc. It’s better to be a weirdo about your food and to outshine the competition than to blend in at parties and be sluggish or unhealthy all your life.10.  Work on your speaking skillsPublic speaking is a daunting thing, but learning to do it adds an invaluable skill to your toolbox. Everyone is scared of it at first. Take small opportunities to cut your teeth and when you really need to stand up in front of a crowd, you’ll be ready.11. Talk to people who interest youIntrigued by someone? Strike up a conversation. What do you have to lose? Worst case scenario: rejection. Best case: a new friend! And rejection is a normal part of life, so there is nothing for you to fear.12. Put away your phoneTake a digital detox every now and then, let your mind wander and mull over projects and problems. Also, put it away in social settings. Constantly checking or looking things up is just plain rude.13. Focus your efforts on one thing at a timeDon’t try all the things at once. Pick one at a time and commit to mastering that thing. Once you’re there, feel free to pick another. The road to mastery is accomplished one task at a time. Intention and attention are important.14. Set scary goalsStretch your limits by setting goals you’re not sure you can reach. Pick something harder and scarier and more uncomfortable than you’ve ever done and give yourself a year to do it. This mig ht be as simple as attempting to run 7 miles when you’ve hardly ever run 1. But the experience of channeling your physical and mental reserves to get it done is almost always worth it.15. Get help if you need itTherapy might be the number one most uncomfortable thing to do. It’s an exhausting chore to examine your own biases, defenses, motivations, and those of the people in your life. But it always gets you closer to the truth. And can lead to all sorts of breakthroughs in the short and long term.

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Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 35

Management - Essay Example Firstly, companies make bigger profits when they sell their products and services using bundled pricing strategy than selling them a la carte (as individual products or services). The causal factor in such a scenario is the attraction that a bundled package evokes to the customers. A customer will be attracted to buy a package at a fair price than buying single products or services that will result to a larger expenditure. This means that many customers will be more attracted to buy a package of products or services from a company than when the products or services are sold singly. For instance, a person wishing to spend $30 dollars on a meal comprising of chips, burgers, soda and chicken will be more attracted to a company that offers the package at that price than one which sells the individual products at a higher price. This is the explanation that sees companies using the bundled pricing strategy winning more customers than the companies that sell single products. The overall re venue for the former is always substantially higher than the latter. It is also important to understand that bundled pricing strategy gives a greater satisfaction to customers than single-product sales (Smith 219). However, companies do not base their decision to use bundled pricing strategy on customer satisfaction alone. Companies always assess the level of competition on the market so that they can come up with ways to curb it and get a fair share of profits from the sale of their products and services. In this case, companies opt to use bundled pricing strategy to make sure that they trap loyal customers as well as other people into buying their products. These companies manage to reach a larger customer base since the culture of customers is predominantly retailing goods and services at a reasonable price (Smith 235). Nevertheless, a company can use this strategy to curb competition but it still the other companies in